They went missing,
 Into flight, bound by history,
Visiting the division-less land
Where the aperture settles & wide Eyed Sight Captures a dour mist,
Listening in on the Wind Of Unknown Origin.
Nights curl pays no Dividends
As  The Sun stares
Collecting the difference
From the other side
Where realtime ebbs and flows,
In memory of fiction, tearing the sky of flooded hearts,
Creasing fortunes floored hand,
Where reality slipped on colours twist in time.
In the vacuum of rhythm,
the wind will find alternating vines  
Entwining minds,
Reading electricity from sound,
Grounded in waves & circles.
The Mechanics of new breath
& torrents of lost Information,
Now Reeling to the chimes of water meeting air,
Centrally heating the jet Stream within,
Where the clouds are looking for a way out to flourish in the sands of the eternal,
Formulating sound, reverberating the grounded content,
Curving overtures of powers imitation,
Leading those to the station
Where the trace of a place further from home,
Televises DNA out on loan to the maze of duality,
Where the Richter scales stare out the passengers of infinity,
On the way to the Harbour
To check the Balance
Of Amplified Sights.
Radiant hertz & heights Silence
Till eternal grain turns to night again,
Then back to light,
where motion sways back into focus
& out again,
like breath melting glass,
In preparation to turn with time till time runs out,
At the junction,
Tilting until the knowing
Are thrown back to sea of sublimation
& contained stars regulate
The real & hidden conversing on all waves
Of dream reality.
Then Pause,
& look upon the route of city and stars
Where code waits,
Laying in the lines of electric stairs,
Breach walls in the well & return to light
Sifting glass from hail.
Silent solace prepares sight,
Till luminous stratum persuade the fairground mind
From low to high
As the watchman’s hand near's, pointing in all directions where sound is expected,
like light,
As morning opens,
Shadowed in Stone,
Redirecting humming drone,
Caterpillar chromosome
Lifts the apple from the throne.
Torn from time,
Heading south upon a line
favours reef became the vine.
Nomadic mind shifts design
And cards turn over.
Rivers of stairs disrupt the cellular.
Diluting the dream & bringing back words from the electric cold,
Fishing in the Tank, of satellites swimming near the shade amongst the transporting
Reflecting focus back to the aperture above,
Looking down for jet streams & electricity
Shouting light from tape to tape
re-recording & re-entering,
Into the fold-where the day spring
Taught amoebas  second sight,
Upon nurturing ground
Where substance is found
Regenerating the force of motion & unity,
divided only by the timing of the heart.
There are many kinds of time in the paradigm
 & the object remains subjective
In the eternal seed,
Magnified by repetition
In order to dwell at a rate equal to the BPM above,
Moving with thought
through trees with keys, forging.
Shifts beckon from land to sky & to the void
Furthering storage in the unknown home of origin, waiting upon the task of waking,
The manmade,
Just to see where we are, within the word.
Ascension states
Navajo lava
Breaking heat and mass
From glove to glove
Passing over the array,
Shining in the envelope of a caring dream
Visiting blurred stations,  rushing the dust
Waking winds,
Sequencing Silence,
Until you come home,
Via the frayed eternal.
Linking sound and colour
Upon tides trace
Pushing planes
& waves of time
Forfeit vessel, leave behind
Evaporating duel and diamond.
Nature turns back from the blind
Into belief of  further kind
For life
Until the Question appears
Becoming a reflection of a reflection
Respirating  many times,
Over and over
Bouncing time frames from unknown angles
stones are collected from a scattered sequence
Of activated organisms
Roaming within the atrium of solution
Forwarding our own bones, once on loan
Back to the provider
thoughts decipher
The Eternal insider
& reoccurring return
Of times table
Revolving the track,
Turning to take turn
to learn from the inland sea
Where the crossing lived
Anchored within the symphony
Of the tides glazed heart
Search echos
Through the screen, glitching
Amidst fused wings of unopened thought.
The glass door splinters, forming the iris
Surrounding a circumference
Who has been waiting for the arrival
Of the primal loop
Rhythmic within the quartz on the corner
Counting falling feathers
& digitised spines, laying lines
In parallel
Sonic waves.

Seeking silent surface
Where oxygen is a passenger
Visiting forgotten islands
In the internal hemispheres latent vow
To recreate the windows emotion
Reflecting convex
To con(cave. )
Rebounding vision,
In the data loop delay
Waiting for the machines reply
From the undone sky
Leaking thoughts
Amongst the planes, of a divisive plan
Selling hope whilst systems scan,
Shadows chant around the land
Unwoven crossings slighted hand
Bring sforth the ceiling from the ground
Surrounding Sundays silence
Encountering countenance,
The birth of the witness
In the arms of three routes
Is one exception,
Of eternal decree.
As the open window climbs
The rotary words warp the past
Shedding the celluloid impression
Of divided individuation
Risking the tides currency
Exposing floors out at sea
Held in place with symmetry
Sides to stories permeate
calculate, encapsulate, order from the torn river
Running round your heart
Stopping at the start
Linear beams fuse souls left standing,
Fading spectrums stagger,
Numbers fly low
Sirens take lives
Home falls open, upside down
Into enchanted space
The ree(a)l stops moving
And Love returns chanting
Beneath the sea of short term memory,
Then Silence, then waiting
Till one calls another
From the interior
Steering near
Alternate waves
Pressure rising hope
Into the new moulds sky lift
The magnetised door
Back into place
Until the return

Axis calls her name
Through the wire of the flame
Melding minds within the game
At dunes dock
Opaque in truth
Flowing through every lock
Beyond every wall
Parking moonbeams in your heart
Breaching barrier of Brain
To the extra territory
The transformer eye
On the corner of existence
Traveling with light as a companion
Unraveling in the tide
Conjuring a silence
In free spaces
Left by leaving passengers

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